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The Webster Farmer's Market

The Webster Farmer's market is located in the town of Webster and is held every Monday. - Around July/August time, when it's just too hot, the stalls are rather thin on the ground though.

If you take Highway 50 heading for Clermont, continue towards Groveland until you reach the crossroads for the 471, turn right and it's just a few minutes down the road on the left. My home is near Champions Gate on the CR54, it takes us an hour and is 50 miles away.

You pass through cattle country on the way and is really a pleasant drive, with a bit of different scenery. (The cattle sale is held on a Tuesday!)

Ideally you should get there for around 9 a.m., if you leave it too much later you really won't get round the whole market, as they tend to start packing up around 1 p.m. It is massive, covers 40 acres, with over 2000 stalls. You can park at Lizzie's lot, literally just before the market, for $2.

There are the usual flea market type goods, garden plants and shrubs, a big silk flower/hanging basket stall, tools and gadgets, fresh farm produce, bakery items and collectibles. On the back side of the market there is the equivalent to a big car boot sale, fresh flower stall and fresh fish. At the far right of the flea market there are goods which can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices.

There are plenty of catering trucks etc. there, along with public conveniences.

I tend to go a couple of times each year. It's the biggest market I have ever seen and for me it's different. You know?

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